Hourly Rate: $30

You can set up an appointment for a single session without any obligation to have a follow-up. These are particularly useful for students who need help on a homework, or grasping a concept. Repeated sessions on a schedule can be useful using the hourly rate, as they are set in advanced, and can be worked into the daily routine of the student. 

Monthly Membership: $200

Opting for a monthly membership grants access to our mentors on a more flexible schedule. Much like a monthly fitness club subscription, students can ask quick questions, or have a more thorough session on much shorter notice, and without having to spend a whole hour's fee for a small item. The time spent is logged, and Monthly Membership allows for up to 20 hours of individualized assistance.


(Negotiated based on time-frame)


This option is for students who have a Science Fair Project, need help with Essays, and other items that don't necessarily fall into 'daily work,' but are usually high-value assignments.