Scheduled Tutoring

We provide scheduled tutoring sessions via FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and a variety of other online media outlets to allow immediate connection that fits your schedule. By providing a few details as to the subject content, and assignments (things like a homework workpage, or a prompt for a paper, a lab homework, etc), our tutors can prepare for your session in advance, ensuring the most effective help possible. From languages to sciences, math and history, we strive to provide not only knowledge content, but the tools required for your child to be self sustaining. If you don't need us anymore, we've done our job.


Monthly Membership

In addition to single session assistance, I also provide a monthly option that allows students to pick and choose when they want to use their time, with up to 20 hours of personalized time each month.



Emergency Project Help

Sometimes it's last minute, sometimes it was overlooked, but at some point in any child's education, a deadline is looming. We provide emergency project assistance for last minute deadlines because we know how much a single project can affect a grade, and we want to be there to help. Using this service means a call from one of our staff within the hour, ready and able to finalize a science fair project, or that paper on Einstein. All of our tutors know the importance of educating our clients, but also know that sometimes a project just needs to get done.