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More than just your average tutor

Offering supplemental educational services for grades 6-12, help is just a call away. Using FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and a variety of other applications, you and your student can be face to face with a tutor when your schedule allows for it. Simply call or e-mail for either a one-time crash course in a tough topic, or an ongoing supplement for specialized needs. I strive to bring not just knowledge, but confidence to all of my students.


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Scheduling an appointment to discuss your child's specific needs is the first step, and only takes a few minutes to complete.


I changed my GPA from 2.3 to 3.8 after the first two FaceTime sessions we did. He taught me ways to look at the homework that my teacher never did. I hope to work with him next semester.
— Emily N. - 16 - Green Bay, WI
Kellen works with me on my music and my math and he makes it really fun. I look forward to doing my homework now because I get to go on the computer and talk to someone when I have questions.
— Christopher - 10 - Grants Pass, OR
My son has difficulty in school, and often forgets to bring home his work. Kellen knows the ins and outs of the school system well enough to help find out exactly what was required on any given day, and helped my son finish a science fair project in a single night. That saved him from potentially having to repeat a grade, and Kellen didn’t stop working until it was done. I absolutely recommend him.
— Nichole - Grants Pass, OR
Kellen works with my daughter nearly every evening on the computer, and she has built up her confidence noticeably. He has this knack for spotting her weaknesses and doesn’t let her get discouraged by them. He really has made it fun for her to learn things she would have been dreading to do otherwise. I won’t be using another tutor now that we’re working with him.
— Shannon N. - Green Bay, WI